1 7312826 Digital camera apparatus with high speed imaging and energy saving features
2 7312817 Printer and docking station having a digital camera docking port with an image magnifier
3 7305180 Digital camera using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
4 7304664 Digital camera having a display unit to display the print status of a connected printer
5 7301577 Digital camera with a collapsible lens barrel
6 7298564 Digital camera system with piezoelectric actuators
7 7295231 Digital camera
8 7292282 Digital camera employing multiple light shielding walls
9 7292273 Digital camera accommodating recording media from other digital cameras
10 7286178 Digital camera having inclination sensor
11 7286177 Digital camera
12 7286167 Digital camera recording dynamic range compression information
13 7286161 Digital camera, image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, and program for setting plural trimming areas with respect to image data
14 7283158 Digital camera and function appending method for the same
15 7274401 Digital camera for fast start up
16 7274400 Digital camera and composition assist frame selecting method for digital camera
17 7272253 Method for non-destructive inspection, apparatus thereof and digital camera system
18 7271829 Inkjet printer for digital camera
19 7268810 Digital camera for changing a recording size to a high-sensitivity compatible recording size
20 7268808 Digital camera for recording object scene image with image quality adjusting value
21 7268801 Digital-camera-provided binoculars
22 7265786 Display overlay containing spatially-distributed menu options for a digital camera user interface
23 7256834 Digital camera having panning and/or tilting functionality, and an image rotating device for such a camera
24 7256820 Wireless hand-held digital camera
25 7253840 Cradle for digital camera
26 7251057 Digital camera
27 7248291 Digital camera with priority information
28 7248290 Image file management within a digital camera
29 7239348 Digital camera with a music playback function
30 7236189 Digital camera and method of image processing
31 7233360 Stand for digital camera
32 7233356 Digital camera and image editing system
33 7233354 Digital camera that adjusts resolution for low light conditions
34 7233352 Method and apparatus for color non-uniformity correction in a digital camera
35 7231083 Controlling processor-based systems using a digital camera
36 7230707 Spectrophotometer with digital camera
37 7228069 Focusing method for digital camera using plural spatial frequencies
38 7222357 Method and system for hosting a web site on a digital camera
39 7221395 Digital camera and method for compositing images
40 7221394 Digital camera
41 7215833 Method of matching a digital camera image to a database using a timestamp device
42 7212358 Digital camera system with piezoelectric actuators
43 7212354 Lens system for digital camera
44 7212236 Digital camera and method for setting photographic magnification of digital camera
45 7212230 Digital camera having a motion tracking subsystem responsive to input control for tracking motion of the digital camera
46 7212229 Digital camera providing image processing for an attachable printer
47 7206136 Digital camera using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
48 7193646 Digital camera and method for classifying and reproducing images
49 7187412 Pointing device for digital camera display
50 7187408 Digital camera
51 7184077 Digital camera
52 7181061 Digital camera for taking a stereoscopic pair of images
53 7176976 Autoexposure methodology in a digital camera
54 7173663 Automatic exposure control system for a digital camera
55 7173654 Digital camera having color adjustment capability
56 7171113 Digital camera for capturing images and selecting metadata to be associated with the captured images
57 7170558 Compact and low-profile digital camera
58 7167206 Cradle for information apparatus, cradle for digital camera and camera system
59 7167203 Digital camera having controller for reducing occurrences of blur in displayed images
60 7164442 Image control device with information-based image correcting capability, image control method and digital camera
61 7158183 Digital camera
62 7158175 System including a digital camera and a docking unit for coupling to the internet
63 7158172 Digital camera with an automatic image transmission function
64 7158171 Digital camera image data processing storage and printing system
65 7154543 Digital camera and method of changing data processing sequence used for the same
66 7154536 Digital camera with a personal identification
67 7154535 Digital camera capable of directly accessing images recorded on another digital camera
68 7151571 Digital camera for use by right-handed and left-handed people
69 7151563 Digital camera and white balance adjusting method
70 7151560 Method and apparatus for producing calibration data for a digital camera
71 7148928 Camera body and interchangeable lens of a digital camera with image-dependent color compensation
72 7145602 Exposure control method for digital camera
73 7142244 Digital camera with integrated cable storage
74 7142235 Opportunistic improvement of digital camera image quality
75 7139020 Digital camera including the compression of size-reduced images after picture taking is completed
76 7136103 Digital camera and color adjusting apparatus
77 7130463 Zoomed histogram display for a digital camera
78 7130127 Terrestrial telescope with digital camera
79 7126641 System and method for adjusting start-up of a digital camera
80 7126639 Digital camera printing user interface responsive to location
81 7123829 Digital camera and power supply apparatus used therefor
82 7123296 Digital camera device for facilitating a recovery and recycling system
83 7119844 Digital camera
84 7116364 Method and apparatus for maintaining a consistent effective focal length in a digital camera
85 7116363 Digital camera and ejection mechanism for memory card in mobile instrument
86 7111999 Lens holder used in digital camera
87 7098948 Digital camera accommodating different portable recording media and control method thereof
88 7095436 Digital camera capable of outputting image data to external apparatus
89 7092483 Digital camera, imaging device and method for digital imaging
90 RE39213 Apparatus and method for increasing a digital camera image capture rate by delaying image processing
91 7084916 Digital camera having an improved user interface
92 7084913 Processing method of image compensation for digital camera
93 7075568 Digital camera, system, and method for capturing and storing an image, and using an event signal to indicate a change in the content stored in a memory
94 7071988 Extensive device for use with digital camera's display to be displayed in the same direction as the lens
95 7071987 Digital camera having automatic exposure control for different photographing modes
96 7068307 Digital camera for capturing and recording a moving image
97 7064789 Digital camera having a tilting/swinging mechanism
98 7062576 Digital camera having imaging portion, first terminal, and second terminal for outputting signals based on image data in accordance with same data communication interface standard
99 7057660 Digital camera having a display device with a cover
100 7057658 Digital camera capable of forming a smaller motion image frame
101 7057651 Digital camera having an electronic zoom function
102 7050625 Method and digital camera for indicating when image data has been captured for a three-dimensional target object
103 7046927 Interactive virtual reality photo gallery in a digital camera
104 7046275 Digital camera and imaging method
105 7046274 Digital camera and method of recycling digital camera
106 7043284 Integrated cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA, with swivel mechanism providing access to the interface elements of each function
107 7042507 Digital camera, pixel data read-out control apparatus and method, blur-detection apparatus and method
108 7042499 Digital camera including power supply controller responsive to connection detection
109 7038714 Printing system and method having a digital printer that uses a digital camera image display
110 7034877 Digital camera LCD screen protector accessory
111 7034867 Digital camera
112 7031083 Digital camera module with anti-fouling lens adhesion
113 7030923 Digital camera having overlapped exposure
114 7027171 Digital camera and document photographing and transmitting method of the same
115 7023467 Photocard that is inserted into a non-digital camera to enable the non-digital camera to take digital photographic images
116 7019781 Digital camera in which the processing method is changed according to focus position before the shutter is released
117 7019778 Customizing a digital camera
118 7019772 Method and system for enabling the use of single use reloadable digital camera
119 7016520 Electronic device with digital camera for general-purpose photography and fingerprint sensing
120 6999802 Portable communication apparatus with digital camera and personal digital assistant
121 6995857 System and method for routing service requests from a paired digital camera and transceiver module
122 6992716 Digital camera with interchangeable displays
123 6992711 Digital camera with a plurality of media for recording captured images
124 6992701 Reusable digital camera that prevents unauthorized use
125 6982750 Digital camera with power supply for piezoelectric element and stroboscope circuit
126 6977683 Digital camera
127 6970265 Digital image processing device and digital camera using this device
128 6970200 System and method for a simplified digital camera interface for viewing images and controlling camera operation
129 6970199 Digital camera using exposure information acquired from a scene
130 6970198 Digital camera and method of improving image quality in live view mode

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